The Eye of the Storm

We will update these pages as we know more.  Hanna and Gustav's models are all over the place and we really don't know anything yet.

Tropical Storm Fay  Known as the Joker

Gustav Known as The Riddler

Hurricane Hanna   Possible Cat 2

TS Ike


We're only going to talk a little from now on as we are trying to get out of here and back to Colorado. There are too many storms to count at this point.  At this rate we will be lucky if we can get out of here at all. 

A few thing we want to tell you about these pages.  We will post computer models in here and there are a million of them. Models are just that, a computer takes data and converts it to a probable path.  For the most part they are worthless, just computer generated guestamates.  I had relied whole heartedly in the storm wizards at The Weatherunderground, and listened to the bloggers chat and wishcast about possible tracks and effects.  Today the neighbors daughter came over to watch the the bloggers forecasting.  The language included expletives not suitable for kids ears.  Dr Jeff Masters owns and runs this site, and after watching this fiasco, I do not recommend this site for family viewing.  I actually don't recommend this site for anything other than entertainment. If you need information go to your local news or NOAA. These are people who take our lives seriously and do the best they can.


This is a new area of our site devoted to our experiences with hurricanes.  Together we've been through a few rough ones when we lived in New Orleans, and Kelley went through Camille in Biloxi.  Well here we are in Florida and according to many here, we never get hit.  Ok that's bullshit, but then, well never mind.

Plan A   Atlantic Storms

  1. Cat 1 Storm   Party

  2. Cat 2  Party

  3. Cat 3 Concern if it's coming from the Atlantic

  4. Cat 4   An Atlantic Storm, we're in an evacuation area, Cya

  5. Cat 5  Atlantic Storm We were gone before you read this

Plan G  Gulf Storms

We will Ride out all of these

So this page or pages are about storms in the 2008 tropical storm season

If any of them get here we'll do photos and videos if it's safe


Bertha  July 16, 2008

Cape Verde Storm  and it's too early to tell about this one, but it is the first one of the year and I'm sure this one will practice and teach many others.

If it gets here, which I personally doubt, we'll have pics and videos

Were done with this one, but it did set some records.

July 18

This one just started a few minutes ago and I'll tell ya, we just had a severe storm here from this one


July 20

Had some heavy rain tonight but all and all pretty quiet so far

July 21

July 22

July 23


August 2

August 4

August 10

Been pretty boring here so far which is good, but there are a few things...

So Far this Year

New storm's model

    August 10

August 11

August 13

This one might become Fay

August 14 This is the new track

If named it will be Fay  Nothing to worry about with this one so far

Tropical Storm Fay

She gets her own page now