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After Hours

We were going to close this site for certain reasons, but then we thought, maybe we'll make it a porn site.  Why Not?  We like doing it just for fun.



By the way, we're both photographers, and Susan, is very open minded.

  Her talents in the bedroom are rather awesome and my talents with a camera will tell the whole story.

WTF, Let's have some fun!!!






Life is good!


You know what the problem is with humanity?  People!


Life as it is at the moment


As you can see I'm sitting in flood waters, drinking a beer, and getting shit faced.  There's really not much else to do right now, so I'll work on the website with my laptop, till the power comes back on.




Susan's making a list of things she wants to show you here.  I think it has to do with a few of her special talents

One of her assets



Ok, Kel, let's show them some fun stuff




Susan took some photos of me, that she wants to show you!  I'm really not in to posting naked photos of myself, so I'll let her do it


By the way, we are both mildly Bi.  It makes threesomes more fun

If she's going to post me naked, then I'm going to show you her bare ass, and a few other things.


Sex Photos





Sex photo sessions are a lot of fun, but my favorite thing is making videos.  I really don't like watching porn, but I do like making it.  I'm going to show you a collection of my films. 

I only perform bareback and sometimes, professionally.

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