Women are a bit different than men, when it comes to having sex.

Many ladies I know want to have a relationship before they give it up, but I'm a little different.

I do it for pleasure with the main goal of pleasing my partner at the moment.  The more I give to him, the more he gives back.


I remember a long time ago I was at a party.  Everybody was doing psychedelics, yes we were all very high.

Everybody was making out and enjoying the moment.  There was this guy sitting next to me, he was about 6' 6" tall, and very handsome.

I smiled at him and mentioned that everybody was kissing except us.  I put my arm around him and kissed him.  It wasn't to long before we really started getting into it.  His tongue was deep in my mouth and I was getting very worked up.  I helped him unfasten my bra as he helped me off with my top, kissing my chest and going lower.  I undid the button holding my skirt together.  He took my skirt off as I slid his pants off.


The couch was a hide-a-bed and together we opened it up.

I laid on my back receiving him, fucking him openly.  The others watched us and some of them started undressing too.


I felt him cum spray onto me and watched as he stood up smiling.  Another took his place and entered me.  I ended up with several more before it was all done.

That man and I started an orgy, and to this day, I love doing things like that.

I love the freedom I have and embrace my sexuality.