Sex Films
I suppose you wonder what the big deal is about making sex films.  First of all, there is good money in it.  Recreational sex is a different story.  I get really turned on knowing that people are watching me perform.  For some reason I orgasm twice as many times.
Let me show you  some of my favorite clips.  By the way, I only do it Bare Back!
Me on my webcam introducing myself to a chat room friend while Kelley filmed me.  Oh by the way, yes we did get to meet the guy in Real Life.
Runtime 12 Minutes
This film doesn't have any sound.  I don't think it really needs it, although the dialogue was hot
Let's just call this an introduction film.  It gets really crazy when Kelley hands me a toy.
Oral Talents

First I'll show you my oral talents which in this case will be Kelley in my mouth.








Now I'm going to lay out on the bed and Kelley's going to eat me, cum on my face, etc...



This one is of me and Kelley.  My friend just came in me and Kelley took advantage of my willingness to do it again immediately.
"Nice Pants!  Can I test the zipper?"
It's a nice way to meet a guy





Sure, I've done a few drugs here and there.

This happened while I was trippin'






When The Girls Play
The Pro Bowl is So Boring



A Fantasy Lover


I was home alone as Kelley was at a meeting in Denver.  That's against our play rules, but I just couldn't resist taking him into my bed.  I forgot to shut off our security cams, and well, I got caught.

First I Sucked Him



Then I Fucked Him




The Whole Story






I was in bed with this guy and I told him to kiss my ass.

He Did









We have a special bedroom in our house called Fantasyland.  The only time we use it, is when we meet somebody new we want to get to know.












He won me in a poker game during a party at our house.










Kelley and His friend get me while they were on their lunch break







Ok, you caught me.  It was with two different guys





This is the actual film after we filmed a condom commercial






Actually we did use a condom in this one.  The design is awesome.  The film came from the video, My Fantasy Lover, The Guy I Fucked Alone one Day








The next 6 clips are from that video



I met this guy at a bar and 15 minutes we were in bed with each other..  He asked if I'd fuck him, of course he made an offer I couldn't refuse.

He said he liked my internet movies.


Awwwww, he wants to kiss me











 I accidentally figured out his name

Mr. Jack Hammer










Me on top?  Ok!












I'll take it anyway you want to give it










Jack in The Box






Jack really gets me this time











Rear Ended











Anything I Want?

Ok, I want something very special

I love my men to be Bi, because only they would do this to me













The Homecoming Bonfire

A whole new meaning to Cumming








People ask if I get jealous watching her with other men.  Not a bit.  She watches me with her girlfriends too, like Allisia.  Ali had a bad marriage and about the only one she gets it on with is me.

Nope, there is no jealousy at all, just some good old, no strings attached sex.

Ali wants me to show you some pics I did of her