In these day of economic strife, many of us have forgotten the brave souls who protect us in lands far away and here on our soil.  It doesn't matter whether you agree with these skirmishes or your political stand, what does matter is that you stand up and support our troops and others.  Put yourself in their position for a moment, and imagine a life filled with fear and apprehension, and consider the sacrifice they are making for you.


By Kelley & Susan 

I awake from a dream

As I look around

 I wonder where I am

My family is at home, and the sun is hot

I hear a distant sound, the sound of war, and I realize this day has finally come

I am a warrior

Today I prove who I am, and what I stand for:

I stand for Freedom

I stand for Justice

I stand for Families

I stand for Peace

I may Fail, but I will stand tall

I will brave the elements and the battle

 I am a warrior

I will not falter or miss a step, as Peace depends on me

My family, my friends, depend on me

My country depends on me

Can I stand up to the task?

I am a warrior

You ask so much of me

And for that I thank You

Because you trust me

I will prevail

Because I am warrior

Dedicated to those that are in peril on distant lands

God Bless Our Soldiers

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