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Ok, Now wait, we still aren't camping  just building.  Gotta hit the road, time to go.

We left in the fall of 1988 for Steamboat Springs, Colorado to ski and have some fun.  Over Trail Ridge Road for the Maiden voyage, then over Rabbit Ears Pass.  Great trip  the bus worked great.  Always a question when you build your own. We stayed at the Steamboat Koa.


Ok were workamping  and skiing.  Not workamping as most people see it, but being in a great place and having fun.  That winter (1988) we worked at the Steamboat Ski Area.  Of course we learned a big lesson the morning we work up and the outside temp was -61 degrees.  It was still a great winter.


To answer the question, Did we get snow, This should make that clear

So we liked it so much we stayed for the summer.  I worked for Western Security Systems as a Foreman installing the Fire Alarm Systems In the Sheraton and Susan worked at the Steamboat Art Company. I did odd jobs around the campground, upgrading their electrical, phone, and installed the miniature golf course.


This was fun, as we tethered a hot air balloon from the bus.  The following winter Susan worked on the mountain at Rendezvous Saddle and I worked For the Ptarmigan Inn as a breakfast cook.  We skied bottomless powder all winter.  That fall as we got white line fever, we moved to Clark, Colorado, for a change and to finish our summer jobs.

It was time to move on, so we hit the road and traveled North to Victor, Idaho to work at The Grand Targhee Ski Resort.


Now this is skiing at it's best.  Susan worked at Sessions Grocery Store in town and I worked on the Mountain as an Omelets Chef in Skadi's Restaurant.  In February Desert Storm was getting hotter and we were asked to Go to Miramar so I  could fly, but the ground war war over so quick we never made it, so we returned to Estes Park.  This summer we stayed at National Park Resort, Owned by Dan and Becky Ludlam.


We spent the summer there, Susan Again at The Gracecraft shops and me at Bob Hopes TV.  Ah, but the traveling itch needed scratching and it was fall.  Time for a big change. and that we did.  We were now off to Boreal Ridge Ski Area on the Donner Pass.  We stayed at Coachman RV in Truckee, Ca.  and had a great winter.

NO Pics  sorry

The winter was over  and on the road again and back to Estes Park.  Same jobs but we stayed at the Estes Park Koa that year.

The bus by now was gaining great character and had a new front door, sun deck, sliding windows and an interior.

It's 1993 now and and decided to go back to Steamboat for another winter. This was beginning to get kinda old going back there, but we liked the town and there were good jobs there.  The construction of the bus through these years was taking most of our resources, so we off to Steamboat we went.

This winter I worked for the Steamboat Sheraton as a bulding Enginner and Susan worked on the ski Mountain for Rendezvous Saddle and got to ski everyday.  Another year of good snow and lots of fun.