Our full timers history of Workamping

This history is in brief, but it will give you an idea of where we went, and what it was like.  We may do a book someday of this, but who knows.  We based this site on these travels and started the site in 1995, and it was called the greatesc after our Bus named Great Escape.  When we sold the bus and stopped the Workamping life style the site name changed to Lost at Last.  We hope you enjoy our adventures and we are always willing to answer your questions about this lifestyle.  Who knows maybe, one of these days, we will break out the old FMCA Numbers 88816, and hang them on a new coach, made by us.


This Journey starts in about January 1985.  We had been working for The Estes Park, Colorado Chamber of Commerce for about 6 months  and were offered a job managing a new private membership campground in Estes Park.  The name of the park was to be Northern Trails, and was to be on the site of the Blue Arrow Campground.


Above is the cabin we lived in at Northern Trails

Of Course all  didn't go well, especially after we found out that the New Owners weren't paying the bills, so after a year Northern Trails went under and we were gone.

We left for Louisiana  and worked for a bit  and missed the mountains, so we came back and moved to Grand Lake Colorado.  We  worked for  The Silver Creek Ski Area and spent a winter and most of the summer there, and then decided to go to Denver for a Big Paying job.  Well  after moving to Denver the job didn't pan out so we needed a quick way to get back on our feet.

Here starts the real workamping adventure.

Ok  we got a deal on a fifth wheel. It was a monster of a rig built in the 70's, 42 feet Long.

Ok  so we were hired by Shady Meadows RV Park in Aurora, Colorado. This park was at the intersection of I225 and East Colfax. Ok, being new at this and still wet behind the ears, we didn't realize this park was similar to Beirut.  After a shooting on the park and one of our rental homes burned down (crack house) we figured it was time to see the world.

As we always tend to do as humans, we moved back to a familiar place, the Blue Arrow Campground again, which was owned by Sunrise Resorts Now. And spent most of the summer till the work ran out.  We then moved to Mary's Lake Campground and Susan worked at the Gracecraft shop downtown and I worked For Bob Hopes Tv. Then a nasty thing happened.


We got hit by lightning. Destroyed the 5th wheel and almost us.  We thought that was the end of this life style.  We looked around and found not much that was in our budget.  Even Looked at this...


Quaint, but not big enough.

Then along came The Great Escape


Well, ok, it had a good roof, and only had about 3000 miles on it, so  what's the price?  $795. Sold!  We moved in right away, taking everything  that was left of the 5th wheel with us.  We started building and painting and painting and building.

Ok, we no longer look like the Partridge Family

Notice the plaque in the windshield.  FMCA Membership--#88816.

A gift from Susan.