A Night In Las Vegas

Lost Forever

Thanksgiving Day November 23, 2001

Photos on the Strip


Ok!  Spent last night in Vegas and want to share a few things with you.  I have never had so much fun in my whole life.  Wow, what a place.  I'm going to share some photos and a movie with you.  The movie (working on that as we speak), is natural sound  with no editing.  As you watch this, don't get bored and click it off.  Wait till the end to see the Fremont Experience.

I'm going to talk to you all for a minute, and say a few things.  Just a Girl asked me why I liked the rave I went to, so much.  Well, it was different and gave me an energy I haven't had for awhile.  But Las Vegas blew me away.  I'm moving there.  Life's too short to sit in the desert alone, and just wait for something to happen.

This is the first time I have been able to spend a holiday with new friends and see new things.  Holiday's always (to me) bring families together, and talks of old times abound.  This year I was with my new family, of sorts.  I'd like to thank Al and Lou for the wonderful dinner and companionship.   Thank you  Joe and Janet (The RoaminJ's) the incredible tour of Vegas, and the fun we had.  And too Steve and Cindi for helping me break the mold, so to speak, and taking me places I have never seen.  Thank you for being my family this holiday.  The only sad part was that I had to come back for work tomorrow.  Funny, I came really close to not returning.

New York New York

This Casino/Hotel complex especially touched me.  In all  the craziness of Vegas at night, I was touched by the outpouring, to the people lost in New York.  The fence surrounding the greenbelt area around the complex is shrouded with memorials to the people lost.  I  just can't explain it but,  is was awesome.

New York New York

Hmmmmm, a very funny point in the evening was trying to leave the Mandalay Bay Parking Lot.  Remember Chevy Chase and European Vacation, when he went in circles around Big Ben, or whatever?  Well this is it in America,  There's no way out LOL.  Actually, all they need to do is put a service station in there and maybe a fast food joint there and you could spend the rest of your life driving in circles laughing.

I'm going to do a lot more on this place, and very soon.  Trust Me.

Oh Yeah, Gambling, yes I did and I walked out with my clothes on, LOL  Next trip I'm gonna win that Lexus.

Hi Joe

Fremont Street  Wait till you see the show on the film


The Tropicana

New York New York

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