Tech Notes

Before you get started, this is not a prank or a joke, this is as serious as it gets.

One forgets sometimes what others go through if you life cruises along without many issues but things can change so fast.

I'll, do this in the time frame that is has happened and as I write, the story will continue

Kelley has Colon Cancer

It started last Thursday Feb 8,  2018  Kelley woke up for work at 8 AM with severe stomach cramps. Figuring it was gas, or something we ate. He elected to call into work.  He slept most of the day and didn't have any appetite.  The next morning (Friday) he woke up with the same issues.  About 1 PM we called the Tomah VA, who recommended that we get to a local hospital immediately. 

The Doctor was not with the VA and after doing several tests Including a CT Scan concluded that is was colon cancer.

Kelley was transported to The Madison VA and admitted to UW Health, next door to the VA.  The next morning he was taken to The Madison VA for preop.  There was very little consultation before the operation other than the usual warnings and release signing.  The procedure started at noon on Saturday and lasted about 2.5 hours.  He opened his eyes in ICU about 3PM Saturday.  At that point he was taken from an ICU recovery room to a double Inpatient recovery room, where in my opinion things started going wrong.




Sometime in The Fall of 2017

As much as I said I never would, I bought a Dell XPS 8910.  If you look down many years I had a Dell XPS 420, let's don't go there.  Well, Windows 10 is better and phone are a bit odd.  Today there is an App for everything.  Our Cars talk to us now, GPS takes the fun out of getting lost, and I even have an Apps that finds me cheap gas.  We both have IPhones now.  Susan has the male voice for Siri, and I have The Female Voice.  We caught the phones having sex on the coffee table.  I think we were to late to break it up, as Siri was crying Oh God, Oh God.  Both phones were vibrating.  All we can hope for is they have a litter of IPads.  We can sell those little babies.

Virtual Reality,  Amazon drone deliveries, and The Tesla, we will soon be brainless.  Sleeping at the wheel will be ok, that is, till you hit a 100,000 lbs semi doing 90 because somebody's computer got hacked.

Oh yes, it's wonderful, my sleep number bed not only tells me how I sleep but, suggests better ways.  I'm sure there will be an App soon where you can order a pizza, and they will eat it for you.

The world is so safe with these computers.  Wait, I need to run, I just heard on The News that we have all been hacked by Equifax, and I guess I need to look at that.

I going to write a new App that will help you shove a baseball bat up the ass of hackers.  Anybody want it?

Good Night



December 22, 2016

Still struggling with the video formats.  From reading our stats, visitors, visitors tend to not stay to watch the whole movie.  Of course they may not like the movie, so who knows?  Many problems come from Windows 10.  The video setup you have to do requires a bit of knowledge.  We figure, everything we do is free, so you'll have to figure it out.  By the way, we are done with Windows 10 for a bit.  As it turns out my older HP computer doesn't work with Win 10.  I talked with a tech from HP, named Mike, who really needs to speak English.  He said they don't support 10.  I love our visitors, and we both realize what you go thru to get what you want to see.  Well, we do our best.  I'm going to buy a new computer, $2800.00 worth.  It's a custom built barebones, and along with Susan's $1800.00 custom built Avatar computer, we should be good for a bit, well at least for a few more years till we need new ones.  At that point we may decide it's not worth it.  We'll be here for a bit.


October 13, 2016

We haven't posted to this area in a long time, as things change so fast we can never keep up.  Technology is developing faster than we can.  60% of our traffic now is mobile, HTML 5 is still not up to speed, so what do you do?  We have decided to go with Mobile Friendly areas, but not all pages can be changed.  Our adult areas are all built for the narrow screen phones and tablets.  We have gone to strictly MP4 Videos as less than 3% use Media Player and Silver light has never been a big deal.  Our main sites have an alternative using both mobile and PC formats.  Where is this all going?  One might think the Desktop is a thing of the past, even laptops.  We will do the best we can, so if you like what we do, stick with us.  We will always will put on a good show for you, and that's all we want to do.  I guess I should make this page for phones too.  Na, gonna wait


October, 12 2014

We have forgotten about this page for 4 years, funny how minds change.  Windows 7 turned out to be good, but only after the release of windows 8.  Then there was 8.1, alas we are facing another debacle called  Windows 10.  Unbutu, is now Mint, and it's still lame, if you really wish to use your computer.  I just got a smart phone with Android on it, way smarter than either of the two mentioned.  Do you realize that an Android could have been the main computer in those days of Apollo 13.  Since the last posts, Susan has an Avatar Computer with 6 processors, and 15 gig of ram.  I have something I'm scared of.  Still have an XP computer running our radio stations.  Imagine, for a moment, 20 years from now.  Windows 62.  Still the same but has arms to kiss you good night, and other things too.  Your phone is now your car, where you spend most of your day in traffic.  24/7 commercials directly in your head, google ass,  oppppps, glass.  Want to have a baby,  there's an app for that.  Boy?  ok, here it is in 3d printing of your desire.  Food, no need, order thru an app, the phone will spew it in your mouth, engineered by Monsanto.  Sex?  No need your phone vibrates orgasmicly.  Windows 8 is starting to look good at this point.  Consider where we are going.  If your smart, you'll stick with a flip phone.  Where are we going?  No where, just what they tell you to buy. and if your smart, you'll stay low tech.  They own a piece of you now, but give them a chance they will own all of you.  Sorry, I have to run, my Smart Phone wants to have Sex with me, I called her Siri, oh that's her name, sorry.  Night.

February 13, 2010


My final word on this Microsoft thing

I sold that POS Dell XPS 420 and went with a used computer running XP and things are better here.  In my opinion Microsoft has done it again, and produced a money making pink elephant, with the release of Windows 7.  After testing it I have found that it too has areas where it is unstable, but then what isn't that Microsoft creates.  As long as they keep making operating systems with open ports and .exe files there will be hackers, and there will be problems.  Windows 7 dropped out a mail program and Live One Care, and now has Windows Essentials, a free virus scan, that promptly allowed a Trojan into our computer within minutes of loading.  We have gone to Ubuntu and have dropped Microsoft almost completely, and we don't even run a virus program anymore.  So to Microsoft we say goodbye, and your welcome for paying you thousands of dollars over the years, but in our opinion, you have become another outsourced company, with the only intention of scamming us.

September 17, 2009

Windows Vista vs. Windows 7

With the release of Windows 7 looming in the near future there are a few things that might interest some of you.  The beta version of this software was the best I have ever seen.  With any beta software there will be problems, and that's why we test it.  Not too long ago came Windows 7 RC.  This is the release candidate which is the real version.  We are now noticing problems that resemble Vista.  We're not sure what's going on here but will keep testing till March.  A few things of interest;  At this point there is no mail client included with Windows 7, guess Microsoft doesn't want to bother with that anymore.  If you have a version of Outlook, it seems to be working well.  If you have trouble with outgoing mail with any client, we have found that many IP's are blocking port 25 these days.  This will stop outgoing mail.  Either try a different port or tell your ISP that this just isn't right.  Another issue is that Microsoft is discontinuing Live One Care in lieu of a free Virus scan they will be offering.  Be careful and don't renew Live One Care, and good luck finding a suitable Virus program, for a reasonable price.

Houston there is a problem!  The Dell XPS420

January 16, 2009

For you that are reading this we have made a huge discovery.  Dell sent us a new box preloaded with a new copy of Vista Ultimate and when we plugged it in the same issue occurred 1-2 post area and there was nothing hooked to it.  We almost gave up but a friend mentioned Windows 7 which was downloadable free from Microsoft.  We realized that the computer would run well on the new Linux, so what the hell.  We downloaded Win 7 and installed it.  The computer is running perfectly, so we tried it on the old computer and it too runs perfectly, well how's that working for you?  It's Vista, and if there wasn't a problem with Vista then why have they designed another OS?  We are using Win 7 as a dual boot and whenever we go back to Vista we crash.  Seems to me that there is a problem here.  We'll keep you posted but it may be a little time as we are relocating in a few days but, this is a rather huge developement.

January 6, 2009

After a chip replacement the other day the computer is running worse.  I starts with 3 1-2 post errors and locks up constantly now.  Last night I called and finally got an XPS Tech that agreed that this should not be happening so a new box is on the way (whole new system).  This only took 10 months to accomplish but a new computer hopefully will solve these issues.  One interesting fact is that if I run the Intel VIIV media software the computer will not run at all.  Beware if you download this or use it.  If you want my opinion, I think the XPS 420 system itself is bad and time will tell.  It may be a chipset problem or Vista itself is totally bogus, but when you have a business computer that fails in front of your customers, this isn't good.  By the way, Dell will not upgrade my warranty for this computer, and the new box will come with only 44 days of warranty left.  I will stick by my statement that the XPS 420 is bad, and I'll tell you more in the next few weeks.

December 22, 2008

And the problem continues.  After they replaced the mother board and both hard drives, and after reloading Vista Ultimate, the problem started again.  We have now lost over $10,000 in commercial photographs and over 100 hours on the phone, and although I have a decent person trying to help repair this thing we are still in the same boat.  Now they want to replace the CPU.  If they would have just replaced the computer in March 08, when it was weeks old this shit wouldn't have happened.  The warranty will expire in February, and I'm thinking that's what they want so they don't have to worry about it anymore.  Well start worrying Dell, because we are going to take legal action as soon as the holidays are over.

As of December 1 2008 Dell can't figure it out and Microsoft won't help, ok two POS companies that have their heads up their asses.  So we're off to see the wizard kids, the legal system, here we go.

December 4, 2008

The final word on this goes this way; The tech from India says call the tech in Colorado.  He will try and solve the issue as soon as possible. "As soon as possible" has been almost a year"  The word ummmmm is not a word, but then with the Indian techs it is the major word.  Dell is just another big box, low tech computer builder, who claims to have great tech support, wrong.  We did a recorded conference call and it was acknowledged by the tech, and we will display it on here, if Kelley's XPS ever runs again, just to let you know what your in for.  Don't buy from Dell, their just another blowhard computer assembler, with no support and a string of complaints.  If you ask for a bailout, we say no!  If you don't believe me go here.  Rating-0 from this user. Just build your own and screw them.

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3 hours on hold and being hung up on, the call to them is still in progress.  I just want a new and working Box, that shouldn't be a problem, we'll see.

Na they won't do it, see your warranty for replacement only lasts 21 days, guess we're going to do THE LEGAL SYSTEM.  Their support is outsourced and we are just the consumer.  Yeah if you believe that you voted, we'll you voted.

We're going to be dealing with this iin this article, but will add to it as we get more details, but at this writing it appears that if you bought a computer with Vista pre-installed Microsoft won't support it, only your computer manufacture will.  This is another sleazy move by Microsoft to distance themselves from any type of support at all.  Our Vista ultimate on our brand new Dell XPS 720 failed the other night, totally failed.  It would not reinstall or even take the OEM disk.  I called Microsoft and they directed me to a "Charge for support number" manned by a tech that didn't speak English.  After trying to communicate with him he told me that Microsoft no longer supported Vista, and told me to call Dell.  After a few impolite comments I proceeded to call Dell.  After an hour on hold I got a series of tech that couldn't help, but after 2 hours of talking I ended up formatting drive C and reinstalling.  The first 3 installs failed finally, Vista loaded.  The techs talked with Microshaft and found out that Vista will not install with 4 GIG of Ram onboard.  I uninstalled 1 GIG and things went fine.  3 days later I'm running marginally.  The whole thing required over 300 updates, 3 days, and my business was virtually shut down.  Ok Microsoft, what's the deal.  The Mohave Project, bait and switch?   You need to get this operating system operating properly, and this is not a request, it's a demand.  I lost over $5000 in sales due to my down time, and what will you do to serve me this time?  Probably nothing, and none of us can expect much from a company that's support system is based overseas.

Problems with Vista

Windows Mail is unreliable and there is no way to import from any Outlook

FrontPage 2003 and previous, is not supported in Vista only Expressions Web (According to Microsoft)

Corel Products fail in Vista

Microsoft is not allowing line in inputs to new soundcards (According to Del)

Vista appears to be unstable   Programs  crash consistently during normal operation

The removal of Picture and Fax Viewer

Plagued by daily update requiring reboots

(More Coming soon)


December 4. 2006

Well we talked to Western Digital, and they don't have a clue, rather odd, they said the problem is.  The best part is, if a hard drive fails, tough shit.  $6000 to recover the data.  All it took to fix this was to do a check disk and repair the drive, Western Digital couldn't recommend this.  Well it worked, so they sold me another drive, on the terms that I return the bad one.  This is a scam.  As said before, stay away from these people.

December 3, 2006

It's time to speak out, and that's just what we are going to do tonight.  We're getting damn sick of the crappy hardware that is being distributed these days.  We recently purchased a Western Digital My Book external drive and a Maxtor One touch external drive.  Both of these pieces of shit have failed, and we have lost much of our business data but also much of our website data.  Of course neither of these companies are willing to recover our data.  See you but this junk and they don't back it up, just claim that they aren't responsible.  No they are irresponsible and careless, money grubbing assholes.  Add to that, our new Compaq computer.  The computer was put together wrong, had to fix it ourselves, because tech support couldn't speak enough English to comprehend what I was saying.  Terrible engineering, terrible support, and shoddy manufacturing, drives these companies.  Do not buy any products by these companies.  We will be filling suit against HP, (Compaq) Western Digital, and Maxtor for loss of data, and revenue.

How do we all deal with this?

If you own any of these external drives, keep them off and unplugged if your not using them.  Don't trust them so store your critical data.  If you own a HP or Compaq computer find a real computer, pull the guts out of the Compaq, and use it in your new one.  Throw the HP or Compaq in the trash

Bare Bones Computers

Don't buy these Wal-Mart, Staples, etc... pieces of shit, they are designed to advertise, not serve you.

If anybody has a problem with this, E Mail us

September 30, 2006

We're making very big changes to this site and all other sites on this network, or maybe we should say that we are trying to.   Our new hosting companies techs are a bit confused as to what we are doing and that's is a bit scary.  We need more space (The Final Frontier) and are attempting a massive move of this site.  You may see some outages and clichés as we do this, and for that we apologize.  But progress causes pain, and in this case we are felling it more than you, so Bare with us till we get this all finished.  It is a pain in the ass when you have to tell the techs what's going on.  Ok that's what's going on

This page is designed to tell people and software users some of our opinions on software and internet stuff that we use.  Because of the web sites and film production, We have learned many things about the software we all use.  These are our opinions, so take them as you'd like.

December 12, 2005

The saga continues....

As I have stated before, I got OEM software off the shelf at Wal-Mart.  Normal companies would say, "oh I'm sorry, we'll fix that."  Microsoft, on the other hand, refuses to acknowledge this.  After discussing this with literally 20+ some techs, they just don't get the picture.  Now consider this, you buy a $179 program and it turns out to be the wrong disk in the right package.  Okay, for a year now, this program hasn't worked.  They continually come up with excuses why it was my fault.  They continually are rude and unknowledgeable.  And they continually blame it on the hardware and don't realize that it's poorly written software and the failing on their part to control their warehouse packaging.  They WILL NOT give me a new disk, claiming that they are more concerned with their licensing than their customers.  What happened to the "service" in customer service, I ask you?  And, what happened to their "terms of service"?  In fact, their have NO terms of service.  That's why, Mr. Gates, you are rich beyond your wildest dreams, laying waste the American public.  I consider you nothing less than a terrorist, considering most of your techs speak broken English and live in a third world country.  If you have a complaint against this site or my opinion, get a backbone and talk directly to me....if you even care. 

Okay, imagine this:  you go to a Ford dealer and you come home and wake up in the morning seeing a Chevy.  Basically, it's the same thing.  They refuse to replace the disk.

So what this boils down to is poor or non-existent customer service.  Microsoft out sources to India for most of its tech support.  I find this appalling and unacceptable when the people that do tech support to me from India wouldn't be acceptable to make my beds.  Microsoft is in it for the money and nothing else.  Once upon a time, I owned a large portion of stock in their company and I sold it for lack of trust.  As I understand it, Bill Gates stole most of his technology from Apple.  As I see it, he missed a lot of the good technology.  If it were possible, I would recommend to all of you not to buy anything from Microsoft.  But then again, what else are we going to use?  Seems like a monopoly, doesn't it?  I think its about time that the best minds in this country turn from hacking Microsoft and turn to rewriting it.  Hopefully, you feel as I do.  If not, you're just subservient to the whims of lackluster entrepreneur that doesn't have a clue.  I hear, in February, they have a new operating system coming out  with great expectations, as we heard when XP came out. We'll wait and see. 

Personally, I think it's about time they got something right.  If not, they will fall as many other companies have into oblivion.  Frankly, I don't care. The amount of time I have put into their crap software, I wish them the worst.  If somebody had the intelligence to combine OS-10 and the Windows interface, you would put Bill Gates to bed.  One can only hope.  That's my opinion and everybody has one. 

November 26, 2005

This is about, and against Microsoft.

SP2 or Service Pack 2 if you are not savvy.  This software download is bogus, and a feeble attempt to safe another worthless programming failure.  On our computers it eliminates the sound, the video.  It locks up everything, and is, in general, a piece of shit.  If Microsoft really cared about us the they would make something that really worked.  No, I call their call center in India, or where ever, and get a chick named Sasha, who doesn't have a clue.  They tell me to reload, buy a new computer, and a few other things.  So see, the way I see it, you need to dance for me.  Start dancing, and start dancing right now, or we will have legal issues.  Yeap that's right, you have broken a promise with me.  A Legal promise, and a legal entanglement,  Get it right or get out.  That what I'm telling you, and I hope you get it.

No Bill, see it doesn't work this way, I bought your product, and it has to be right.

But as Microsoft is, no real support, at least, some Pakistani telling you how to do things, or some voice mail thing that never answers you back, or their email that never works, all boils down to a loser, and non caring company.  If you are and Apple fan, the bite out of the apple is Bill's big mouth.

So sue me for this, you prick, or give me a product that works, if you can!!!

July 13, 2005

I' going to talk about google for a bit on this page.

In all actuality I've been doing this longer than they have.  I have issues with you. 

First of all why do you cache my pages in your POS toolbar.??? If I wanted them up there for two years I guess I would have just left them there.  You say you set the standard, but actually you are the greedy search bullies, the Guido of the search world.

I have a page up on my site that was removed two years ago and it's still cached. 

Do you work for the Government,  can you tell me how to run my site. NO.  Hit the bricks guys, you suck.

Take me off your crap search engine, like I care.  You aren't telling me what to do, and ya know, I hate that

Have you heard of DMCA yet????    Probably not.   It's it this new shit that you probably promoted.  DMCA means copyright violations and if you continue to cache my pages I am going to visit you in our courts.

When I change a page, you need to follow, if not you have become liable. 

Pay attention people, you aren't as hot as you think

Ok gotta go to bed, so my point is google, have you ever heard of DMCA, if not, start paying attention, rewriting my site via cache may become a legal hassle for you


 Our Domain hierarchy   (Our Main Website)

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January 15, 2005

Server Issues and The site being down

As many of you know several of the sites have been down for the past few weeks.  It has to do with faulty software and site changes.  We have 4 domains that run this site and we'll list them here so you can favorite them.  The main site is

This is all very frustrating to us, as we are trying to run a business via these sites.  All in all, I'm beginning to wonder about the use of the internet as a business tool.  It's kinda like the local grocery store.  If you can't unlock the doors then why be in business.  I feel that the internet has seen better days.  What with spammers and hackers, ad ware and spy ware, it just seems to be getting pointless.  We'll attempt to make this more reliable for you, but I'm afraid the only way to reach perfection will be to host the sites ourselves.  We are attempting to take legal action against mail hosting companies that allow spamming, with an end of stopping these losers from bothering anybody, but that will take time.

So if you see us offline or slow, we are aware of it, but unfortunately can't do much about it.  Bear with us and wait till we get this straightened out.

Whether you are a brief visitor, customer or friend, you are important to us, and we are sorry for any problems this downtime has caused

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June 6, 2004

Continuing the debate in reference to the search engines, I have found that Ask Jeeves is superior to Google in many ways.  Ask Jeeves also has a browser toolbar.  Searching my own site I came up with 60% more, in depth links to the site.  Try the toolbar if you get a chance, it also has a popup blocker similar to Google.  One advantage to Google is the Search Site function on their toolbar.  In the case of this site it will bring up 32 different pages on links to The Great Escape.  This can be frustrating also if you have a site where you don't want some content seen.  Oh Well, I can live with that.  I recommend using both if you like to really dig into the net.  I have both running in my browser with no ill effects.

Link to Ask Jeeves & Google The toolbar downloads are here too.

Ask Jeeves

Google Toolbar

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March 4, 2004

Search Engines and Your Web Site

There are a million articles out there talking about the proper writing of a website, so you may be found on the big WWW.  I've been playing this game for years and I think I know a little about this.  Search engine technology changes like the weather, and you have to remember, these people make their money from advertising.  Some of them, like Inktomi and Excite have begun to charge for submissions.  I find it curious that I still get roboted everyday, and find myself in their listings.  It's a business ploy to make you pay more money.  I my case, what is the worst that can happen?  Nobody comes to the greatesc?  On the other hand if you own a business, you need the traffic.  So where do we go with this?  I think if you write your site and make it informative, and do the meta tagging right, and load it with tons of text, you'll get there.  What I'm saying is that if your site is boring, bland, and the back end of the pages are weak your going to be very lonely.  I find it presumptuous that my websites life is held ransom, by people who just broker information and take very little time to write their own content.  Inktomi and Excite, I can do without you, but can you do without me?  That will be the question, asked in the next year.  To show you how they really are, I found a page that was indexed on Ask Jeeves that was removed in 1999, Go Figure.

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January 29. 2004

Google and search rankings

I really don't know what all the fuss is about with the new Google strategy.  All I hear about these days is page rankings and market position.  We like the traffic sent by Google and we appreciate it, but I won't be held hostage by anybody.  This is the www (Wild Wild West) and nobody should be able to determine the success of a website.  It's you, the Viewers that determine that.  Web Pro News is the site that started me on this posting.  Frankly I think you are reading too much into all this.  Google is a private enterprise and may do as they wish.  If you develop a good site, with good content, then who cares.  If you are trying to do business on the net and are depending on the net to make you rich, you have a lot to learn.  This is the internet, and not a heart machine, and the sooner you get that in your head, the sooner you will become a good webmaster.  It's not what you sell, it's how you sell it.  Whether you have a business site, homepage, or adult site, don't let people tell you what to do.  Be yourself and give it your best.  Don't get me wrong I appreciate Google and what they are doing.

Good Webmasters never give up

Kelley and Susan

40,000 hits/day and a page rank of 5

Life is good

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January 20, 2004

Cable Vs. Dsl

Well I made the switch from our cable modem to DSL with Verizon.

Here's what I think

Mid Hudson Cable

A public letter to you

I have been on your system since about Feb 2003, and wish to make these few comments.

I joined your service after watching the commercials on TV about your "Lightning Speed" and "Screaming" modem speed.  I even came and worked for you for a short time, and I have come to these conclusions.

When your service is good it can be very good, but since I have moved downtown the service has been marginal. 


I have found you to be offline many times





Here's my case

Taken from speed tests off the internet:

2003-12-22 13:24:00 EST: 500 / 122
Your download speed : 500682 bps, or 500 kbps.
A 61.1 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 122342 bps, or 122 kbps.

2003-12-22 17:13:08 EST: 416 / 118
Your download speed : 416104 bps, or 416 kbps.
A 50.7 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 118168 bps, or 118 kbps.

2003-12-23 07:52:30 EST: 33 / 29
Your download speed : 33021 bps, or 33 kbps.
A 4.2 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 29033 bps, or 29 kbps.
Your connection hardly qualified as broadband, at least in that test

2003-12-23 09:21:41 EST: 43 / 39
Your download speed : 43054 bps, or 43 kbps.
A 5.2 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 39043 bps, or 39 kbps.
Your connection hardly qualified as broadband, at least in that test

These are test results from today, I have more but for the sake of reading, I'll just display these.  The last two are barely acceptable for Dialup. 

So I call for a service call to check things out.  As usual with cable you live by their schedule.  So here I am, after waiting all day and he still hasn't shown up.  I lost a day of work so you could lie to me.  I will bill you for time lost.

Friday Night I called when the internet was down and left several messages with your answering service as to the fact that I was offline.  I never heard from you.

I find tonight that my service is running just fine, and I'm wondering what that is about.

It's over folks.  I am writing this to get the message out that in Cairo, I have learned that DSL is available.  Mid Hudson is my first experience with Cable Internet and I hope it will be my last.  I'm changing to DSL and I'm also going with a satellite dish for TV.

You say that Sat TV is terrible, but you probably have never owned one.  If you had owned one you wouldn't make the claims you do.

In conclusion, I believe that Cable is worthless and a waste of money, especially this company.  Do not subscribe to any of Mid Hudson Cable Services, they are not what they are claimed to be, and their customer service is non existent


November 23, 2003

Here's the deal on web site editing.  (The crowd cheers, After Further review, I believe, Front Page beats Dream weaver by a million points as far as editing.)  The reason that I say this is that Dream weaver is poorly written, and is very cumbersome, as it tries to save to the computer as well as the web server.  It has many limitations as far as texting goes and doesn't have a clue about media player plugins.  Yes, of course Front Page has issues, but if you hand code the troublesome stuff, Front Page will make your life a lot easier.  I've been doing this since 1995, and I think I should know by now what is best.  I found a way to work around the .htaccess problems and everything is fine.  I bought Macromedia 2004 MX for about $1000.00 and now I wish I hadn't.  So if I have to pick from the 2 evil giants, I'll take Microsoft to have the software I need to run a site this size.

Microsoft FrontPage 2000-2002

With the new site and server change I found out some interesting things about these programs. In this site there are two protected directories. While setting these up I found that, FrontPage installs many .htaccess files for it's own purposes. These files have not been allowing my real .htaccess files to operate. I found no workaround for this and have decided to get rid of FrontPage. I am using Dream weaver now and all is well in the protected areas. Microsoft's tech dept never has answered my requests, so, I find another Microsoft product, that has become useless. So if you run into this problem just use another editor.

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Windows XP Professional

I've been using it since March and I have the following views on it and it's predecessor software.

XP has proved to be a stable operating system, but I find it aggravating at times.  When administrating a network it's administrator functions are vague and hard to find.  I think XP try's to make things simple, but they fall apart on their help files, and support.  I just reloaded Susan's computer the other day after a hardware failure and spend 6 hours online getting updates from Microsoft.  I find this annoying, and I feel like sending Microsoft a bill for the time spent.  Remember I have a 1.2 Meg Downstream, and should not have to spend this kind of time fixing their short comings.  Another aggravating quirk I have found is that when you copy something from one program and try and paste it to another both programs have to be opened before you start the process, I find that strange.  

On the plus side I have never seen a blue screen, similar to those found in Millennium and Win 98.  XP appears to be stable, and when you crash, and you will, it's defiantly a serious problem.

I guess my real problem with Microsoft is that they will never upgrade us to a new platform without us paying for it.  They have shown that development is up to us, I.E... when you send those bits of program failure information to them.  That's how they will develop the new, whatever system, that will probably come out in 2004.  I have always thought this system will be called Windows Ultimate, but it will suffer from lack of Corporate testing and will be left up to us to try.

All in all, XP works very well, but suffers from, holes in the kernel and will always be susceptible to failure from new technology and hyperactive hackers.  I believe that if you trust your entire being in Microsoft, you have a problem.

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ULead Video Studio 7

Well, it's cute, and has some functions that defiantly are necessary.  I find it slow, and also shaky, when it comes to writing DVD's.  I have seen it just crash after several hours of rendering, and that is frustrating.  As in all software companies they have patches to fix the problems they didn't see at first, and typically release a new product every year or so, at my cost.  Lost at Last   Volume 1 was written over 3 years with Ulead software, and over the version changes the quality of the films has diminished.  I work on a limited budget, so some of this is my fault, by picking low end software.  Again, all in all, if you are making films to share amongst your family, this software is awesome.  Stephan Spielberg and myself will probably look elsewhere for film production software.


Macromedia Programs

Flash MX, Dreamweaver, Cold Fusion, Fireworks, etc..

Good stuff, but pricey.  It never hangs, and does what it is told.  The only problem I see in it, is that it is a bitch to learn. Dream weaver is awesome, and does more than FrontPage. Stick with it and you will be happy.


I'll add more to this list