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Where I have been and what has been happening

I'm on a very slow connection these days, so this may take a few days to write.

I think it was May 14, 2002 I set off on a journey, which was to be a great new start for me.  I headed to canyon lake, Arizona,  with great dreams.  I arrived and after hassling with them a bit was taken to my site, as promised.  The few pictures that I have posted was what I came here for.  

I moved into my office, and soon found out that my 2 week internet target would never happen.  My computer sat in that office, and i was not allowed in the office after hours.  I checked mail once every week, with someone always watching me.  there is one phone line here that was monitored constantly.  I had no communication at all in private.  

Mean while my boat was at Echo Bay.  I tried to get someone to help  me get the boat, but it seems like every time a day off came around they needed me to work.  Needless to say, the people that were storing the boat got tired of it in their yard and now it's gone.  I'm not going to deal with loyalties here, just what has happened.  It turns out my promised mooring here was a lie, and I would have had no place to put the boat anyways.

The managers at that point left, much to our happiness, and we were left without managers.  Oh my, no one to run the show, lol.  From that point on, we have had corporate babysitters on property.  This has been a nightmare.  No one can make a real decision so we ramble around every few weeks with new ideas.  

Ok, so now I have no boat, no internet,  and nothing to do here.  Ok, so  when the old managers "left" I was told my computer can't be in the office anymore.  Ok  Thanks, again.  So I disappeared again in June.  

Well, it gets better.  Now I'm told that I have to move from the grassy site to a site next to the sewage plant, and a site that has bad power.  ok I'm stupid and move there.  No power is correct and my AC fails and my fridge, and  other things.  they don't even care.  Gee they say, maybe you should move off property!  I do  and  they  give me a small compensation for paying rent now which was part of my contract with them.

My computers have suffered, my cats have suffered from extreme heat, and you have cost me a lot of money. It's time for a change.  Nobody got ahead by sitting on their behind.

August 20, 2001

Ok, My final talk about this, and this area.  I've been told to think out of the box, so I will tonight.  

I've learned a lot here, and it's time to go.  Why?  Just because I can!  One thing I have to say is that, I have had fun, and have learned what it is like in the real world again.  Some of these lessons have been rather harsh, but that is how you learn.  Remember, I'm am still rather naive.

Since I've been off the net, I have been reminded what real interaction with people is like.  Unfortunately, the real world is a place of lessons, kinda like school, and I'm not paying attention.  On the other hand I've been able to do things that I haven't done in years, so it's all  good.

So to the company I work for, you need some training (A Lot)  

To the net, I'm out and around, but not online. (There are two exceptions)

And to past friends, never mind, I miss my boat.

So I'm thinking outside the box tonight. Anybody have any ideas?  I've run out.

August 27, 2002

Yeap, here I am in  the beautiful Sonoran Desert and I'm hatin' life.  It's time to stop holding all the secrets and tell you the truth.  If this hurts some of you, I'm sorry but I can't deal with all this crap anymore

You all know the story so far, as to the boat and the wages and the site, etc....  I got my rent bill today, which equals half my bi-weekly  wage.  I wonder where that free site is.  Actually I wonder where my boat is, in reality I wonder where my days off are.

Westrec, LOL, I wonder how you have gotten so big?  It's not from knowledge.  Sure, go ahead and sick your lawyers on me, why not, you've taken everything else from me.  I had to move to town, cause you mis-interpreted your lease, and I live with the smell of incense and peppermint constantly.  

I was told yesterday that a lady I'm hanging out with shouldn't be in the park, and I am to tell her to leave.  LOL.  Since when did I become an employee here. And who is Agnus to tell me what is right for me and who I should hang around with.

Of course, according to my contract I should still be at the lake, but hell, we can break a contract, it's the way around here.  So as I look around at RV parks, they are all reserved for winter and I'm screwed. 

I've tried to help people from here, and all I  get is ripped off.  It's the southwest way.  So I'm done with protecting, and I'm done with loaning money, and I'm done being me.  Yes  the dark side is out now.

I'm going to leave here soon, very soon.  I  stalled here for a moment, as I  was just told the women of Arizona are trained by stupid men.  I  think that the culture here need some help, but I'm not available to be that help.  Jeez, where  the hell am I.

Maxi and Trish are here  right now so I'm distracted a bit.  I'll go on with this in the morning, but all in all, it's over here.  

Gonna go out and play a bit, and I'll finish this tomorrow.

Goodnight and sleep well



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