Hurricane Gustov  The Déjà Vu Storm

Round 2???

Many are worried about this one already. Fay was the joker, but if we want to play name games, who would Gustav Be?

Gustov or Gustav

Gustav, Gustaf or Gustave (meaning "staff of the gods") may refer to:

Gustav or Gustaf is a male given name of Old Swedish origin, means "staff of the Goths," derived from the Old Norse elements Gautr ("Goth") and stafr ("staff"). This name has been borne by six Kings of Sweden, including the 16th-century Gustav Vasa. It is a common name for Swedish monarchs since the reign of Gustav Vasa.

August 31

August 30

August 27

Gustav is getting whacked by the islands, but we already know that this year anything goes.  The models have it in the gulf with New Orleans at the center of the cone, but it is way to early to project.  Steering currents and weather systems can change suddenly and the models are just that, models.  For all but Florida residents, an easterly track would be better.   The reasoning behind this is because of the oil platforms, and New Orleans vulnerability, then you have to look at Florida, already soggy and still flooding from Fay.  There is no good scenario right now.  We'll just keep watching.

August 26

August 25