A Few personal notes

If I get a chance I'll lift op in 2008-09

Well the 2007 season is over and we didn't get to ski this year.  Kelley's injury has become a disability as far as work goes but we have decided that next year we are getting back into it.  Kel's extreme days are over, but that is not going to stop him or me.  We plan on doing mountain photography, taking it easy on blue runs, and meeting some great people to get together with, and have some old time intimate parties with

A Few tips before you quit your job and head out for that dream job


Remember April Fools Day, Ski Naked at least one run, preferably at midnight

Like This Northeast Ski Area Sign Really Scares Me,  LOL


As many of you may know my ski days are over.  Last here I was rear ended in Aspen by a women who was into her cell phone and her Botox.  The results of my injury were, basically 3 ruptured discs, which will require surgery.  If I do get back in the powder it will be a long time.  It's funny I jumped cliffs, skied the bumps, did inverts and got taken out by a rich Aspen Bitch.  I will always add tips to this page but may not be able to do the hot photos from on the mountain. 

The surgical area where I got those talked about steroids

Recent Seasons

Windham Mountain  2004

Steamboat Springs 1990