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This time we wanted to be away from the crowds so we went to Desert View, at the east gate of The Grand Canyon National Park.  Susan worked as a lead at the Watch Tower and I managed the snack bar there.

This was defiantly a neat place to be. Very Quiet at night and the crowds were big but easy to deal with.  Of course with all Amfac jobs, the Managers were a bit odd but we got through the season ok.

Now where?

Well after a bit of soul searching, and the fact that we were missing skiing and the mountains, we decided on Aspen again.  Any way there was a job at the ski mountain in Aspen so on the road again.

Ok  how can you pass up this view, and the skiing was great.  Susan started working for a deli in El Jebel, Near Basalt, and I started doing my lift op stuff  at Buttermilk.  Thing really were great until one fateful day.  I  won't go into this in depth, but here goes.  I was working the top of the beginners lift  and got knocked down by a skier.  No  big  deal, except for the mountains risk management.   They decided I need to get an X-Ray, so I  go.  After the X Rays I'm on my way  back  to  the mountain  in a bad snow storm.  I stopped at a stop sign  and wham got rear ended by  a car.  The driver  left the scene and I got a nasty head bump.  I  got out of the truck to get help  and promptly got run over by a jeep.  Ok  well  enough of that   so  we left Aspen  when I  could walk  again.  That was not the best workamping experience I've ever had. Well not the worst, we'll  get to that.


Now what?  Well it took all  that summer to get my health back again.  The wonderful owners of the Aspen-Basalt Campground gave me work while Susan remained at  the Deli.  But it was time to move on.  We found work at  the North Rim of the Grand Canyon for the summer, from a great site called CoolworksIf  your workamping you have to have this site in your favs.

Kaibab Camper Village

We  drive to Jacob Lake, Arizona, which is on the way  to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and landed at our workamping summer job.  Wow  it was beautiful there, with its tall trees and secluded nature.  We took drives out to the remote area of the canyon that few get to see.  I  was great until one day.  The manager lady fired us.  Well  gee luckily  the day  before we had  gone to the Village at the North Rim and we're invited to work at the lodge.  To make a long story short  we left the next morning and began work for AMFAC Parks and Resorts.  As we have traveled we have met many workampers that have been fired from Kaibab Camper Village, So I would recommend not dealing with them ever.

It's 1999 Now  and all is well.  The hours at the North rim were hard, but we had lots of fun with the staff, and the scenery was breathtaking.

The kitchen crew 

The season ended in October and we headed to the South Rim  to work.  The hours were  way to long  and it just wasn't pleasant so we left there in January to head back to Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  Time to ski again.

This trip we found that the crowds were rather unpleasant, but the skiing was good as usual  and we worked until April.  It was time to start working at campgrounds again, so we found a job in Grand Junction at the New Rv Ranch there. It  was a nice campground but extremely busy, and they had this thing about hiring more workampers, so in August we headed to the Albuquerque North, Bernalillo Koa.

Now this one has been fun. Nice people to work with and a nice setting.  We liked it so much we decided to stay for the winter.  Well  as usual into every life a little rain must fall.  In February Susan decided that she had enough of workamping and this lifestyle in general.  She moved back east and got a job. So now after 15 years of this life style, I am alone on the road.  I'm not sure if I'll continue traveling like we did.  I will  always remember that this lifestyle can be very rough on a marriage and the closeness of it all can have devastating effects on even the best relationship.  

For everything there is a season.

So keep watching and reading and commenting and I'll keep you all informed of my travels and adventures. And I'd like to thank everybody for their support thru this.

Link to my new life, so to speak

Summer 2001 brought new challenges to me.  On my own I left the Bernallio Koa, and went to Panguitch Lake, Utah.  This place was beautiful.

The experience was good, but had it's drawbacks.  It was very isolated, which meant that I didn't meet anyone and the hours were long, but it was ok. I started as a cook and after a few weeks moved to the boat docks where I helped with the boat rentals.  It was a nice place to get my head screwed back on, and get back to normal.  September 11, happened while I was here and well life changed for all of us that day.  It was time to move on as fall was approaching.  I met several managers from a marina on Lake Mead and Steve and Cindi. I was hired for the winter.  So off I went headed for Las Vegas.


To finalize this story Susan and I got back together again in 2004.  We never went back to the work camping lifestyle as we went on to a more normal living situation. 



Funny how history repeats itself, and that is what's happening as of this summer.  it appears that it's time for me to head out on my own again, as the differences between us grow.  30 years is good enough, time to get on with the things I want to do, and stop worrying about repairing this anymore.  She has a friend she has spent some time with, and I suspect she wants to spend a lot more.