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It's June of 1993 Now and we needed to make a change.  We were getting tired of Steamboat and decided to Move to The Aspen area.

We stayed at the Aspen-Basalt Campground and enjoyed the park alot.  The realization of the cost of living in Aspen and the traffic came quick.  I worked at the Wildwood Hotel in Snowmass Village as The Asst. Chief Bldg Engineer and Susan worked at the campground.  As luck has it in December The Hotel sold and I didn't want to work for the new owners.  We decided to get back into skiing and got jobs at Ski Sunlight in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

I worked as a lift op and Susan worked in the Rental shop as a cashier.  We moved to the Hideaway Campground in Glenwood for the winter. It was a fun place to work and the staff was a lot of fun.  The season ended in April and we Moved to Rock Gardens Campground in Noname, Colorado.  Yeap that is it's name Noname.

Susan went to work For a great gift shop in Glenwood Springs called The Watersweeper and the Dwarf.

I drove rafting buses for the Whitewater rafting company that was part of the campground.  The next 2 years Susan worked at the Watersweeper and I worked for SOS Temporary's out of Glenwwood Springs.  One winter I drove Transit Buses for RFTA in Aspen. Again it was time for a change.  Vail ski Mountain Hired me as a lift op, but we discovered there were no campgrounds in or even near Vail, so we moved to the RV Corral in Leadville, Colorado.


Promptly we were invited to manage the Campground, so Susan and I split the duties of managing the Campground and working.  She work in town at the Bonanza Trading Company, and The Alpaca Company.  I worked for the ski area till About Jan 1, when I got hurt in a lift accident.  After a brief recovery I began to think maybe Lift Op'ing was not for me so I finished the season as a Shuttle Driver for Copper Mountain Resort, just up the road from Vail.

Things were good at the campground, and it sold to a new owner in February.  The old owner sold us with the campground.  We're planning on leaving in April to set out on our next adventure but decided to stay at the RV Corral till  we could find another manager.

That didn't happen till July.  At that point we needed a vacation badly, and set out on a road trip.  We traveled to The Yellowstone area and stayed at The Teton Valley RV Park for a week and did some sight seeing.


This is a great Park In Victor, Idaho and is a great place to visit Yellowstone and Jackson Hole.  After a week there we headed south to the Zion area, to se e the Park there.  We stayed at the Zion Koa, in Glendale, Utah.  We spent several days here.

Now it was time to head south. We already had jobs lined up at the south rim of the Grand Canyon, working for Fred Harvey, and it was time to report and start.  All in all we spent about three weeks on the road  and saw a great deal.

Ok, this will be the first time we've tried workamping a big company.  Amfac Parks and Resorts, main concessionaire for quite a few of the National Parks.  I wa hired as a tour bus driver and Susan ended up as a cashier at the El Tovar.

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My first day on the job was the day the drivers decided to place a Union in the park.  This got to be rather ugly, but was necessary, because we were working 12 hours a day 6 days a week.  This also was in violation of the laws governing commercial driving.

Susan finally got a transfer to Moqui Lodge working in the gift shop.  We stayed at Moqui in the campground till January, which was the end of the contract.  So off we went to spend the next few months in Bullhead City, Arizona.  Not much to say about this place, except it was very noisy and the traffic was bad all the time.

We found a workamping job in Lakeshore, California, high above Fresno. What a drive to this job, 12% grades and of course winter driving.  About half way up the hill we stayed at a campground in Shaver Lake.


I think we were most taken by the size of the trees there.  Our slideout is 7' wide and that sugar pine is almost as big.  We stayed here a couple of days before we headed the rest of the way up the hill.  When we got to the job all sorts of weird things happened.  The owner of the Lodge decided, along with me, that the bus was under powered and he had just the solution for us.

The plan was to weld this truck to the front of the bus and bingo we would have a diesel.  Ok so I promptly  tore the engine and all out of the bus and got ready to do this.  Well he changed his mind and here we were with an engine full of snow, etc.. I was rather P O'ed to say the least and miraculously got the bus back together again.  We're out of here.  We headed back to the Grand Canyon.