The Dell XPS 420

Do Not Buy any Products From Dell USA

Just to finish this quickly, as of this writing, Jan,2010, I have sold the Piece of Shit, and now have a 10 year old Pentium 4 machine running on XP, with 256 M  Ram.  Funny this machine was given to me for free.  I reloaded it, and it runs better that the Dell XPS ever did.

Consumer Affairs Complaints

To see the next step in this case of fraud

Just to let you know we went to Best Buy and bought a $300 Hewlett Packard machine to run our business temporarily and it makes the XPS 420 look like an adding machine

In our opinion this company needs to be investigated and at the least shut down permanently.  It's a damn shame that people like this are allowed to rip off the American public, continually, and get away with it unscathed.

July 7, 2009

To conclude this fiasco, we have solved the problem by replacing the Radeon 2600 video card with a GForce 9600 Series, and all problems just went away.  There ya have it Dell, you obviously forgot something along the way.  Just goes to show ya never trust a tech that's name is Jim and speaks with a mid eastern accent.

This page will remain here forever, as a constant reminder that Dell really does suck.

If it's DELL USA then why do I get Indian techs, it should be called Dell India

This is not a general complaint that you normally see, but a complaint about a company that has ripped us off.  They have virtually no technical support, and lack in any sort of customer service.

We purchased our Dell XPS 420 from Dell February, 2008  It has two 320 gig hard drives, quad core, 4 gig ram and is loaded with Vista Ultimate, 32 bit  Shipped Price $1903.00

Post loaded software  Corel X1, Ulead 11 Video and DVD Software, Live One Care (Microsoft's Antivirus and Malware Scanner), Sony Camera Software, no chat clients or social network software.

The problems with this system started immediately when we plugged it in for the first time, finding that it had been set up as a raid tower, even though we had specifically said that we didn't want it that way.  We requested a new computer that was set up properly, and they refused, telling us it was simple and we could do it ourselves.  3 days later and a full system reload, we finally were able to use our machine.  We do high end photography and video work in our studio and this computer's job is to run the business.  After a few months the computer started running slow and we also found that the audio inputs  to the sound card did not work.

We called Dell and a tech said that Microsoft no longer allowed inputs from another source due to copyright violations.  After debating this with them for a month they decided to send us an external sound card.  We replaced the sound card and still no input capabilities.

Several months later and still with no sound input another tech decided that the motherboard was bad, so we start with the home service dance.  The first tech, here in Denver come to the house with a new motherboard, looks at the computer, tells us our software is bad, and walks out with our new motherboard.  I call Microsoft and they tell us they don't support Vista on an OEM computer, and send us back to Dell.  Dell admits that they purchased a portion of Microsoft, so Vista is their responsibility.  They ask us to do a check disk and during this process the computer totally crashes.  Because of this we lose a $10,000 photo set we had done hours before, as our client watches.  We do a complete reinstall of Vista and start over.  The first 3 attempts to reload Vista fail, and a tech tells us Vista won't install on a computer with 4 gig of ram.  We remove one memory stick and it loaded. 

Now the computer starts booting with a 1-2 post error and won't boot at all.  Dell decides to replace the motherboard and hard drives.  Yes we then had to reload again.  During all this please remember that this is our front office business computer.  After talking to the tech some more, out comes the tech again to replace the CPU.  He tells us again it's a software issue, and the computer is really just a cheap desktop, and we didn't get what we ordered.  He replaces the CPU and the same problem exists.

I call the techs again and finally the tech agree that the whole system needs to be replaced.  We wait for 7 days without our business computer.  The new computer arrives and with several clients watching we fire the new computer up, and sure  enough we get a 1-2 post error and it won't boot.  So here we sit with an XPS 420 that doesn't work.  Promptly after receiving the new computer we get a threatening voice mail stating that we have 10 days to return the old system, or...


We have spent 150 hours on our cell phone with support techs.

We have lost valuable client production time and 1000 photos specifically shot for a client.  ($10,000)

It is this writers opinion that this system is inherently a lemon, as our proof is two systems that are showing the same problems.  We have sent several letters to Dell's legal department and have received no replies.  Nobody will give us a number for their corporate offices, if in fact they have corporate offices.  We even sent a letter to Michael Dell, with no response.  At this point we plan on posting this on the net in order to warn the public that there seems to be an issue with this system in general, and Dell seems to be unable to resolve the issue or is not willing to resolve it.  Our warranty expires Feb 14, 2009, and we believe their hesitation to resolve this, is merely a ploy to let the warranty expire so they don't have to deal with it anymore.  As a result, we are filling this letter with Consumer affairs, The Better Business Bureau, and The Federal Trade Commission.

If you have any questions or comments please E Mail us.

Kelley and Susan McGuiness

Defiance Photography, LLC

Below is my final communication with Dell, Legal action is now underway

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Sent: Wednesday, February 04, 2009 10:45 PM
Subject: Re: Dell Inc. Case #628014609 Team PASXPS003 Email #~76707936~#

> To all whom this letter may interest
> It is 10 days from the end of my warranty and after 1 motherboard and two
> complete systems, I still have a computer that fails to boot or even show
> signs of life.
> Please read this communication and take it very seriously
> I have tried to call on this case number and I have been told that my
> warranty has expired, and there will be no resolution to my computer
> failure
> I have never been so mistreated and violated by a company in my life.
> Your support is non existant, your products are worthless, and for this I
> am taking legal action against you.  The numerical amount will be
> staggering, and this is in relation to the damage you have done to my
> company and reputation.
> Ihave sent 3 US Postal mails to your legal department with not even an
> answer and 1 was certified.
> I have tried to talk with your corporated offices to no avail, and all I
> have recieved is abuse from your technical support team.
> I have posted several pages on the net with the intensions of defaming
> your company, and hopefully with the final result being the US Government
> shutting you down for fraud   This is one link
> Maybe this will get your legal department off their office chairs.
> I will continue to post on forums and will continue to be a thorn in your
> side till I see this story on CNN and mark my word I will do it.
> Now spread this letter around your little offices, and take the time to
> ponder what I am saying.
> You lied and cheated me, and now it's time for me to tell the world, Dell
> is a fraud
> Kelley C. McGuiness
> Defiance Photography
> cc:  Us Attorney Generals Office        Consumer Affairs       Federal
> Trade Commision     Colorado Attorney Generals Office
> CNN News      Fox News      MSNBC

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