Where has this year gone?????


Can you believe the snow?

This is our new cage that we moved to.  It's bigger than the other one and has more windows.

We are  very happy to be inside, but we wonder what all this "snow" is all about.  We hear our captors talk about the cold and wet and how difficult it can be to "drive" in it.   But we will never know, because we are "inside" cats.  Sometimes, we wish we could go "outside" our cage, but the perils can be great.  So, we are content to watch from the windows. 

This is me, Tiger,,,,,

Anyway, now it is "Spring" and the apple trees and the cherry trees are full of flowers and there are birds EVERYWHERE!  

Joke About 4 Cats


August 26, 2006

Well, I started to write an update and them discovered that I couldn't find the photos that I wanted to use in this section.  Our captors have re-loaded their computer thingies and that's where all the stuff is.  SO, I will be back.....LOL

Until next time...


Happy Mousing!