We made it!  We made it!  All of us are SO happy to be finally home in our little cage in Colorado (and we mean little).   The trip was a trip!  Trouble and I got to ride with our captor, Susan,  loose in her cage with wheels.  Patch & Stripe had to ride in the wire cage with Kelley.  They didn't like that much.  We stopped each night and got carried into a strange cage to eat and sleep.


Here I am dreaming of the next offer of "kitty nips" and glad to be finally home.

Here's Trouble...can you guess which one she is?  LOL

Stripe "stretching" on the loveseat.  She is Trouble's understudy and is progressing quite nicely...hehehe...


(or, "The Patch Monster") dreaming about camping.....

We will close this posting with a picture of Stripe...

"C'mere little birdie....tweet...tweet....."

Until next time



September 14, 2004

What a Summer!




We kid you NOT!

Well, the story goes like this---the little cage we moved into turned out to be really bad news.  The beast that lived next door had a bark that sounded like "The Hound of the Baskervilles".  Her captors are a family of four.  They all were so noisy that none of us got any quality sleep for the two months we were there.  Then, there was the matter of the BIGGEST cat we ever saw right on our deck.  We were so scared!  We attacked each other-we didn't know why.  We didn't play or sleep together for two weeks.  It  made our captor, Kelley, really mad.  He went out and sprayed his scent all around his territory.  That seemed to work - no more big kitty.

So, another cage opened up, away from those noisy people and we just moved in there last week.  It's really a nice cage.  We have two big windows in the sleeping room and a big window in the eating room.  Our captors bought a new "shelf" , with two chairs, for us to look out that window.  Well, one day we were all in the sleeping room windows, sleeping of course, when we heard a sound that woke us up.  When we looked out the window we saw a HUGE brown beast with two young ones.   They were climbing trees for apples.  They came right up to our windows!!  We freaked out!  Later on, we heard our captors call them bears.  We see them a lot and are getting used to them and hope they don't run out of apples to eat before they go to sleep for the winter.  So, life has been interesting and we are not so concerned about taunting our captors, as it turns out they are our protectors, too.  We love them....smiles...