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August 20, 2003

Sigh, A man in a girls world.  The captors moved us into a new cage, and it is so big, I hardly see the little monsters anymore.  I found this thing that shoots water, so I feel safe these days as long as I have this pink thing with me.  All, in all these new allies of ours are starting to grow on me.  I find myself having dinner with Patch, from time to time, and I'm losing a bit of weight being chased by the 3 of them all day. On the other hand I'm gaining weight because I sneak their kitten food, what's a guy to do.  I'm off to watch the world go by from my private window over looking the street.  We plan on knocking all the dining room chairs over at 3 in the morning and this will be our first combined effort.  We'll let you know.

December 7, 2003

Brought to you by Patch and Stripe....

They finally let us co-author a page.  Well, a lot has happened since the last posting.  We actually did get together and knock over the dining room chair...what a ruckus!   Our captor, Susan, jumped outta bed and chased us around with a spray bottle she calls "kitty-be-gone" - we don't like that, so we ran away to our hidey holes.  It was worth it...hee...hee!  Then, Patch & I spent a scary night away from our warm cage in a place called The Animal Hospital.  They made us go to sleep and when we woke up we were very sore and in strange cages along with lots of other kitties and doggies.  None of us were sure what was going on, and we were never so happy to see our captors as we were that morning.  It's good to be home and it's nice not having to do the "cha-cha dance" anymore.  What was THAT all about? 

 Tiger & Trouble say "hi" and are embarrassed that we posted this pix of them...hee, hee...

May 20, 2004

All of us think there is something in the wind.  We got this picture from his computer, to show you.

Boxes, and more boxes.  We think we are going to leave here.  Each one of us has a box, we will sit in until that day.  Where are they going?  For us, we are two cosmopolitan cats and two western cats, and the debate goes on.

May 24, 2004

Well, word on the street is we are moving to Colorado.      It's a cool place...great scenery...and the bird watching is incredible!  They even have birds there bigger than me!  Trouble & I have been there before.  The little guys, Stripe & Patch  (aka "babycakes" -geez!!),  have never been out of NY.  I can remember the fresh, cool air and the's all coming back to me.  THIS MOVE IS A GOOD THING!  I'm gonna go perch on MY box, so they don't forget me....

I'll keep you posted



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