Nuts and Bolts

The Behind the Scenes Equipment

The Snow making Pump House located on the property.  These pump transfer the river water to several places

on the mountain for our snow making operation.

We use 3 snow guns when nature doesn't cooperate to give you and soft and smooth ride down the hill.

Every day our experience staff grooms the lane early in the morning

Safety is our major concern and we go to great length to make sure the safety materials are in place before we open. Some of these devices are slow down mats, snow and safety fencing and emergency medical equipment.


The 3 lifts move you up the hill quickly and safely.  You don't have to walk at our park.

Add to all this we have a video Arcade, Tube storage facilities, cafeteria and photo desk..

500 Tubes in various colors and types.

When it's all together this is the result


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