This is a letter received on March 13, 2004

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Dear Mr. Mcguiness

My name is Marty Guire and I have written you before. This letter is in reference to an incident that happened today (March 13, 2004). As you may remember we have come to your park almost every weekend since January 1, 2004. We met at your park as we were inquiring about places to eat in the area, and although you didn't know you found us the answer, and we were very happy with the way you went out of your way to help us.

In the following weeks we attended every Saturday and you were there to say hello and help us enjoy our time in the mountains. I remember an evening when our daughter of 12 fell at the bottom of one of your lines and was hurt. She was ok but your care was that of customer concern. You went to the extent to tell us that we shouldn't come during your Presidents Celebration because you thought it would be too busy, and that we wouldn't enjoy ourselves.

You gave us a wonderful winter diversion, until yesterday. We trusted you to make sure we were safe, and we were, till yesterday.

Yesterday you elected to have a party at your park for fellow employees, while we were present. I saw drinking to excess, vulgar language, and a plain disregard for safety, for the public. You were roaming in the crowd talking to people, oblivious to our dilemma, and you failed us.

When we came to talk to you you apologized and didn't give us a reason for this may lay, just an I'm sorry.

My wish is that if you decide to have an end of the season party keep it to yourselves.  My wish is also that you give this job up and learn to be more responsible.  I wish you would teach your fellow employees to be more respectful of children. I wish we had never been invited back by you.

We wish you a better future

Marty Guire and Family

My Reply

Dear Mr Guire and Family

I am deeply sorry for what happened the other afternoon, and although I tried to diffuse this situation I apparently failed.  As I know this won't help they were not my employees, but employees of the main mountain, that were having a junior race party.  If it will make you happier, I will not be returning next year, and this incident, while not be the cause of this, but ended up being the deciding factor. 

I wish you and your family well, and hope you will trust The Mountain Top Adventure Park in the future for a safe and happy Weekend.


Kelley C. McGuiness

What I really mean

I will not go into depth on this, and what I say is my opinion and not necessarily the opinion of the staff of The Park

Yes it was wrong, and I believe that I was to "Have Closed My Eyes" to this situation.  If you wanted someone to do this, then you hired the wrong man.  I understand the complexity of business and the delicate line we all walk in the decisions we make.  I made these decisions and I will stand behind them.  I will not tolerate inappropriate behavior by employees in front of guests, especially in uniform.  This was my decision, and I will stand behind it.  I know where the door is, just tell me to use it, if you think I was wrong.  If I am right, My Guests, My staff , and Myself Wish an apology from the Department Heads, Employees and Friends of the people that caused this disturbance.


Posted outside our personnel office door.

It takes a long time to find a guest

It takes seconds to lose one

Kelley C McGuiness


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