I received this letter Via Tim Woods that was sent from a visitor.  Before you read this, I would like to thank the staff who stands up every day and gives the service to the customer that brings letters such as this to me.  This letter is to all of you.

You have worked hard, and have been there when I need you every time.

To the staff of the Mountain Top Adventure Park

Thank You for all you do


My name is Nick Kaston, my wife Pauline and our 2 boys, Evan, 13 and Alex 10, visited the Tubing park on Sunday, February 15, 2004. We drove all the way from Queens. We arrived around 10:00 just as it was opening. It was our first time, and not knowing much about the park, we purchased all day tickets. What a mistake! Our boys were extremely tired after just about an hour and  15 minutes. Alex was getting a headache and Evan said he couldn't feel his toes. We were aware of your no refund policy, but figured let's ask anyway. Several of your very dedicated, (and a little overworked, if I might add) employees were very concerned about us, and I asked is it possible to get some sort  of refund. Without any hesitation, they said I'd have to speak to Kelly, the manager. The lady behind the snack stand went to find Kelly. We explained to Kelly what had happened. Kelly was disappointed to hear that we paid for an entire day, and asked the ticket office to refund the entire amount for the four of us! We were so grateful and overwhelmed, we felt we had to let you know. Kelly was so professional and kind in his demeanor. He suggested we come back when the weather gets a little warmer, like early to mid March. You run a first class  operation, with a great staff. The young lady at the photo booth also watched my camcorder bag for me while I taped my kids on the slide.) Kelly is a very considerate gentleman,  and I'm sure you consider yourselves lucky to have him in your organization. I'm sure people are quick to complain when something goes wrong, we felt you should be complimented when you go over and above your service. Once again, thank you to Kelly for being so understanding, and to your organization for having so much class. Being a management professional myself, I can truly appreciate actions like these.

Nick Kaston



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