Thanks To All

3 Quotes of the year

"You had better get me a hard bottom or I'll have you fired"

Excuse me do you work here?

Yes sir, what can I do for you?

You said that you have tubing here.

Yes we do

No, I mean tubes

What kind of tubes, "I asked"

You know what you advertised, Tubes, tubing, you know

Ok, we have sno tubing, see the hill?

No I mean tubing, like we do, where I'm from, forget it, you just don't know.

I'm sorry I just would like to know what you would like

I'm talking about tubing, you are very stupid, you do it from a boat, and you are a manager? We're out of here.

Ok, C Ya

On a snowy evening

I didn't come here for snow!!!

This year has been tremendous and I'd like to thank all that made it happen.  First to the great customers who made our days happy. To those that had a bad time we apologize and would like to hear from you, and hear what we did wrong.  There is always room for change.

The staff of  this park tries to make your adventure the best you have ever had, and will have in the future.

As spring arrives and we head to those great summer plans, please remember us, when the next winter approaches.

I'd like to thank those very special people that made this season possible.

Tim, my mentor and friend.   Without you this could not have happened.

Phil, You got me in the door, and I thank you, and I hope I have lived up to it

Vinny--My friend and Samurai Protector, whip Dan's ass again just for fun

Theresa, Great Job

Kathryn--Stop with the soap box thing, LOL

The Mountain Photo Girls  Awesome Job

Jason--Group Sales--Never Got it Right

Rooster and Alex--Yes I'm eating more  and Thank You

Marki--Pass the salt please

Rob       Tubing Park 19---Go Ahead--Shuttle Please---You Got It---10-4

The Boyz from Brazil--You have been great--Please send the girls next year

To the snow makers, lift mechanics, patrol, security, rental shop, cashiers, and the the other support departments, you helped us as a team

I especially thank the staff.

Where do I start?

Vinny--Ninja Warrior and Friend

Lucas--Shift Supervisor  the rotation man

Liam and Evan    For being there and setting up every morning

Cory for being with them everyday

Matt Don't do that again--splat    great job on lanes

Steph--Catching those big problems before they happened

Randi for calling me Jake--woof woof 

Josh, The best parking lot man in the world

Nikki  The Tube Barn Queen

Jessica Always where we needed you

Josh M  the most improved

Jarvis   Wish I had your Schedule

Kevin  Quiet and never complains just gets it done

Scott and Cody  Always kept me smilin'

Cindy&Amber  Almost had the schedule of Jarvis

Cory--Lifts r us

Danny and Victoria   uh what happened

Michelle--You were so quiet

Rooster, Alex, Dan, Lucas, Vinny, Al and Tim for saving my butt that Sunday when the lights went out and I took that little nap on the snow

Loni quit trippin' on the snow,  Lol

  Michael, you took me the long way to get you home


Dan--Dan there are times I want to strangle you, but I have to say you have had a sixth sense for when I am in trouble.  I thank you for all your help. You will be now known as...


Otherwise known as Son of Mountain Top

ahhhhh but there can be only one  (to be continued)

Well we did it.  Most of you finished the season, and the few that didn't, I can't really blame you.  It was a tough cold year.  I hope you understand why I did things, and I hope it didn't piss ya off too bad.  We do what we do and we try hard.  It doesn't always make sense, and we took chances but we made it.  For me it's sad that I won't see most of you again after closing, and I won't be here next year.  So to all of you, take care, and I wish you all the best

I'm outta here

Your Friend



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