The state of things as I see it

July 21, 2008

I was watching the news tonight and a few alarming things were brought up.  The government wants to increase the federal gas tax by anywhere from .15 to .40 cents per gallon so that they can start working on our roads again.  Wait a minute start working on our roads, don't we pay enough in taxes?  Screw the roads, with gas prices as high as they who can drive anymore.  Screw the roads help us put food on our families tables.  Screw the roads and fire the damn legislators, fire the worthless congress, and retire Mr. Bush, this country might just be able to take care of it's self.  As George W might say give every man, woman, and child, a chicken with, uhhh a pot in it, or is that....  Why don't you just take us out in the street and put bags over our heads and shoot us, it might be more merciful.  A federal gas tax increase, you, The Government,  are out of your fucking minds.  Obama wants to move troops to Afghanistan, after he said he wanted to end the war, and none of us are sure what Mc Cain wants, but it appears that both want the same thing.  Steal from the American public, starve them into submission, and then, continue on your merry way.

Once upon a time, the American People took to the streets and wrote this Document.  Think about it Congress, we can do it again.

Well, things don't look so good these days, but if you look at it, there is a certain faction in this country that wants it that way.  Gee now I wonder who?

First, the oil companies, they are out of control and have merely relegated themselves to be terrorists, with price increases, as they rake in record profits.  They have no regard for the people of this country and need to be stopped immediately.  Then you have the speculators who are another cause of this, buying oil futures and driving the prices up even more.

So now we get to food prices.  If you think about it, they have to go up due to increased transportation costs, distribution facility costs, and processing costs.  Don't forget about the farmer who has to produce this stuff. 

We all wonder why the housing market is declining, and people are going into foreclosure.  Fuel prices again, people just can't afford the cost a maintenance anymore.

Our utilities go up, because the cost of producing energy goes up, hand in hand with the increasing fuel costs. 

So we turn to alternative energy sources, which will be expensive, again due to increased fuel prices, i.e.... manufacturing, delivery, oils to lubricate moving parts, and so on.

Labor increases due to higher prices across the board, for the individual and their families.

Think also about packaging of our consumer goods.  Those horrible plastic boxes that cat your fingers when you buy anything these days, the plastic shopping bags, trash bags, and even paper bags.

The airlines can't make it because no one can afford to buy and ticket, so the airlines keep their prices low, causing them to lose money, causing layoffs, increasing unemployment.

Jay Leno stated the other night that he was testing a hybrid that uses little to no fuel, and all he has to do is plug it in.  Uhhhh, isn't that using electricity?  Hmmm, where does that come from????  Fuel, yeap you guessed it.

Everything we do uses fuel, our defense, our moving about, our food, our luxuries and our entertainment. 

Please stop with the Green attitude to solve all our problems.  It takes fuel to become Green, just plain and simple, fuel.

Please don't expect any of our, chosen for us, Presidential Candidates, to change anything, the lobbyists will make sure their pockets are lined, so that things may stay the same.  The oil companies don't care, since when has a terrorist cared about human life.

Until we regulate the oil companies, and place a government in this country that give a damn about us, we will spiral out of control until we all starve to death.

I say to hell the the greedy fuel industry, let's, as Americans speak out.  We have to do something, and quick.  Send letters to your representatives, and lots of them.  Speak out against these Government subsidized terrorists call the Oil Companies, for if you don't there is no one to blame but yourselves.  So excuse my rhetoric here, get off your asses and speak out, and do it now, or stop whining.  I am doing it, why can't you.


Here's a start for you, a list of people to speak out to