The State of our Country

In our opinion!

May 2009

Guess it's really too late to complain about any of this anymore, they are going to do as they please, and in the long run we all will be the losers.  It's sad actually, but then expected, considering we have a country By the Government, and for only the Government.  Sadly we may all perish from this earth.

This whole state of the economy is pissing us off.  It seems to us that we are riding a wave and some of us have made it and others haven't.  Why is this?  Well it's very simple, we have a Government that doesn't care.  Our elected officials are cheats and liars.  It's ok to bail out the crooks as in AIG and others, and its also ok to let mainstream America just die.  It's the Kool-Aid theory, just give the people a little poison Kool-Aid, and wait for them to perish, that will make  it easier for the Government to deal with things.  Why bother with us, were just in the way.

We own a very successful photography company that is about to become extinct,  We have the equipment, the inventory, and everything else ready to make a living but we can't get a bailout, ie... and short term loan to get back into the game, and why is that?  Because our Government is too busy paying off campaign contributions, to the very liars and cheats that got us in this situation.

Americans following Obama:

You need to be investing in the small business community, we are the ones that spend and employ America.  Let AIG die, they were a scam to begin with along with Countrywide and others, working the system for personal gain.  10% of America is out of work and what is the Government going to do?  Well they give the States Billions, and all the states are talking about is road repair, and all Obama talks about is alternative energy to create jobs, bullshit.  Idaho, even though they are getting stimulus money, are cutting education and trying to raise prices to make ends meet.  They want to increase gasoline taxes and motor vehicle license fees, and rainy day the stimulus money. This state is giving a 3% wage reduction to State Employees as a deterrent to layoffs. This is a rainy day, and the sooner you figure that out, the sooner we can get out of this.

You all wanted this President, that had no experience, and now you have him, and he appointed a cabinet that he owed favors to, and now you have a dysfunctional country.  They all want us to tighten out belts, then why don't the legislators do the same?  Hell no, that would be inconvenient to them.

If your an elected official you suck, and maybe you ought to get a job more suited to you, like being a used car salesman.


Kelley and Susan McGuiness

If this is true...