We met this guy on Adult Friend Finder and after some chats we decided to meet him.

Adult Friend Finder

He was a swinger and wanted to take us to a swingers club, but we declined.  We don't really like those places, as doing that scene a couple times, I always felt I was at a meat market.


I giggled, "All that is going to happen at the swingers club is most likly I'm going to get gang banged by all the husbands."


Your probably right, Susan."


He was a bit disappointed but we came up with another idea.  When you get together with someone from that site it's always for sex, and that's what we are going to do.


I smiled at our new found friend and suggested that we play some pool in his basement game room.  Kelley had a broken arm so wouldn't be able to play.

"What might be the bet?" he asked.




"Hmmmm, how about we bet for our clothes to start?  You get me naked and you can have anything you wish."


He liked that idea, so we played a game



"Shit, I scratched"

"Oh my, and I don't even have my shirt off yet."


"Why don't you bend over the pool table, Susan and let me give it to you."





"Oh, you like this don't you, Baby?  Now, feel my cum in you."


"That was very nice, mind if I suck you cock and get you hard again?"

"Go right ahead, Susan!"






"Lay down on the pool table and let me make you fell really good."

"I'll bet you can, Sir!"



He came up with a toy and proceeded to get me off several times.








"Relax and let me give it to you again, sweetheart."





"Let's put the blanket on the floor dear, and then you can play for me."





"How about next week you take me to that swingers club!"