"I'll be out in a few, Randy, go ahead and grab a beer!"

"No rush, Susan, I'm watching TV."

"The game isn't on yet, is it?"

"No, not yet."

"What's on the TV, Randy?"

"It's hard to explain, I think it's you, wow, yes it's you." he laughed.


"Oh, yes, it is you.  You and a man are, well, he's on top of you."


"Yeah, it's hot, I think you just got off!"

"Oh shit, Kelley?"  There's something wrong with the TV!  Randy's watching me getting laid!""

I ran out into the living room.  "Oh my God, your not supposed to see that!"

"I'm glad I did, wow, that was awesome."

I blushed as we both watched the guy cum in me.

"When was that filmed?" he smiled.

"Uhhh, last night."

"I'm so sorry you saw that."  Kelley came out and apologized too, blaming it on Windows 10.

"Oh don't apologize.  I found it very stimulating," He smiled looking me over.  Who's the lucky guy? he laughed"

"A, well, let's just say, somebody we met. We did  that film for our website."

"Stimulating?  Are you..?"

 "Yes!"  He blushed

"I'm flattered, I think."

"Can I see a little more?"

I looked at Kelley and shrugged my shoulders, giggling, "Why Not? What would you like to see Randy?"

"More of That!"

Kelley went into the bedroom and cast a film of me to the living room TV.


"You look stunning, Susan."

"How does one get on your website," he laughed

I giggled, "You interested?"

"Very interested, Susan."

I opened my top a little, smiling at him.


 "Would you like to be in some photos with me before the game?"

"I'd love too, Susan."

I giggled and closed my top. "Let's consider this a pregame show."  I led him to the bedroom.

"The only thing I ask is that you kiss me first!

"You mean like this?"



"Exactly! Let's get naked, Randy? I Giggled"