A Hike to Katterskill Falls

Our first stop was North Lake, a reservoir supplying NYC with drinking water.  It was a little too cold to take a dip in, and after seeing the helicopter it was time to head to the falls.

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The beginning of the trail starts after a short but risky walk on the highway, about 1/4 of a mile.  If you survive the traffic you will end up at the lower falls, where the trail begins

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The Trail winds steeply up the mountain about a half mile, and on this day it was wet and icy.  The trail isn't marked very well, but if you keep your eye on the river you will get there.

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The trail winds it's way up the river and you will view the rock formations carved by the water.

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The falls is in two parts and drops, what I would say, is about 300 feet.

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After having our pictures taken by some nice New Yorkers we headed back down.  All in all, a very frisky but worthwhile venture.  This summer we'll get in the water for some fun, when it's warmer.

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October 5, 2003

After we got an E Mail from a site visitor asking about a road to the top of the falls, we decided to look into it.  Sure emough, the areas best kept secret is Laurel House road.  Off 23A take 18 toward North South Lake and go about 2.5 miles.  On the right you will see Laurel House road.  Turn right and follow it about a mile to the end.  You will find a trail with a gate, follow the trail to the top of the falls.  It's pretty cool there, here are some photos.

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