After the court dates, we decided to try another road trip in New York.  By the way from the fiasco at Ashokan Reservoir we received 30 hours community service and it went on our records for 6 months.  BTW the cops never showed up for the court hearing,  Lol, only in New York

Anyways we drove to Cobleskill, and toured these great caverns.  It cost 15.00 each and was well worth it, as the tour lasted about 1 1/2 hours with a boat ride on the underground lake, called Lake Venus.

The Surrounding Area

The restaurant and Hotel

Please excuse the quality of the photos, it was very dark in here

Ceiling of the Cavern

Our tour guide was named Andrew and we will post his photo as soon as the 35mm shots are back.  He was very entertaining.


One of the many grottos found along the way

Organ Pipe and The Keyboard

The Final Walk is about 150' thru a very narrow passageway called the Winding Way

Susan unloads the 35 mm Camera.  These photos will be better and we'll post them as soon as they are developed