Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

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I met Kelley in Lake Geneva in 1978, perhaps before than but one never knows.  Back in those days we weren't always sure what we were doing and who we had been with.    Kelley was raised in Williams Bay, which is across the Lake,  and I had several places that I stayed in town.  We'll eventually tell you a few more stories about all this.

I stayed in this house for awhile, second floor, right, that was my bedroom.  got to know Kelley very well there, LOL, next we moved to New Orleans.

Ok, On into town, passing by the library and park



Now this is a very special place to Kelley.  It used to be called Popeye and Olive Oils in the sixty's, and, as we remember, on the corner.  One night The Surf Hotel burned down , sparking rumors that the song "Smoke on The Water" was written about that night, that we both rememberWay to the left, the white part of the building, was where the Surf Hotel was. Every night after Kelley's DJ show at Thumbsup, he would come with friends to this place for breakfast.

He remembers the owner Nick, Called; Nick The Greek  Rest in Peace Nick, you were a true friend.

This has to be the best dining experience in Lake Geneva

This is the old Black Knight, which was also owned by Nick

Been eating here since the early 60's

Then we went to Fontana on the other end of the lake.  What a disappointment.  Chuck's is now this upper end hangout and Beach Roamers is gone.  Sad

Hmmmmm,  LOL, I don't have my suit with me.