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Our favorite Sex Films

Orgasms  Short Clips


This first film was done with a total stranger.  He recognized us in a bar, and one thing led to another, and after making an offer we couldn't refuse, I fucked him.

Runtime: 11 Mintes








Head Games  a Photo Gallery

This film is of Kelley and I.  We were in our motor home and an amateur photographer recognized us.  He wanted to do his first adult film and we gladly volunteered. 

We call this film, Bedroom Tales

Runtime: 29 Minutes








Again, in our motor home, we were parked in a remote area near the Grand Canyon.  We got really high and forgot to shut the blinds, playing by candle light.

In the morning this tape was hanging from our screen door.


Runtime: 17 Minutes








Photo Gallery

Alan is a regular at our place and I have been in a lot of films with him.  He's a single guy and I must say is inexhaustible.

We'll show you a couple of the films we have done

In the first one  we do it twice

Runtime: 11 Minutes


The second film, Kelley and Alan slip inside me together after I exchange massages with Alan.

Runtime: 21 Minutes


The third one is Kelley and Alan home on a lunch break double doggie me before returning to work.


The forth filmed got fucked up some how and the sound while rendering got overlaid on top of the real sound.  It's a good fuck flick, so I'll show it.

Runtime: 14 Minutes







Kelley's best friend Randy

Runtime: 9 Minutes


The story of how we got to be good friends

Photo Gallery

Randy and Kelley after the local colleges homecoming bonfire.

Runtime: 5 Minutes






Ok, I'm a normal girl, well, sort of. So I get out of the hotel's swimming pool, wipe the water out of my eyes and see this.

I guess a normal girl would have been pissed, or maybe scared, but not me!  I had to have it.

 He was an older guy, with a 10" cock.  We did all sorts of crazy shit with this guy.

We didn't get a lot of the best parts on video because we didn't really expect this. I'll show you what we got.

Runtime: 26 Minutes






My last entry today is a photo gallery.  We never did any videos that night which is sad, because it would have been a very long one.

It was new years and I bet my bare ass, and a few other things on one game of pool.

Let's see what really happened

The Pool Game


I've got lots more so keep watching.

Night all and pleasant dreams