We were going to close this site for certain reasons, but then I thought, maybe I'll make this my site.  You know, guy talk.  The Great Outdoors, Sex, and some other things, guys like. 

By the way, I'm a Photographer

My wife is very open minded, and one of her hobbies is being photographed in the bedroom.  She would prefer if I posted that kind of stuff.  We'll  get to that in a bit.


As you can see I'm sitting in flood waters, drinking a beer, and getting shit faced.  I think when the power comes back on I'll tell you everything.  Susan calls this my man cave.  Anything worth doing, is worth doing on camera.


  Susan has a good handle on Bare Images which is now our scenic photography site.


Some of it is going to be PG Rated, and other parts  are going to be XXX

Now, let me tell you my story





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